Writing the Killer Treatment

Writing the Killer Treatment
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It"s Hollywood"s oldest adage, " If you want to break in this business kid, you"re going to need a great script." What they should really tell you is that you need a great Treatment, often a 2 or 3 page storyline which tells your audience what your story is about. This book tells you how to the write and utilize your treatment to get your TV or Film project going fast!!!! KEY FEATURES: * Writing a script can often take months (or years) to develop ... a Treatment, however, can be cranked out in a few days and can be your best sales tool for getting your work out there and into the marketplace FAST. * In the time it took you to finish formatting your last screenplay, you could have finished and pitched six or more Treatments. * Don"t like that idea ... I can have four more ideas to you by next week.

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