Writing and Translating in English for International Relations

Writing and Translating in English for International Relations
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"Wrtling and Translating in English for International Relations" is an upper-intermediate to advanced level writing and translating practice course, for learners who need to be able to express the key concepts of International Relations in English.

The aims of the materials included in this book are:

-to present learners with the language and concepts found in newspapers and magazine articles;

-to help learners become aware of the process, organisational principles, and rhetorical strategies involved in producing clear and effective writing;

-to provide learners with opportunities to express IR concepts themselves, by reformulating them in their own words while summarizing, analyzing, criticizing and discussing ideas;

-to give students practice in translating a variety of excerpts of IR from Greek to English; and to a lesser extent:

-to develop reading skills and give practice in the comprehension of IR texts.

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