Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice
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In Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, Dr. John Gray advises men and women of the best ways to harness the connection between stress, blood sugar, body fat, and behavior to create lifelong passion and better health. Dr. Gray reveals that the differences between the sexes, and how they relate to one another, are biochemically based and can be explained--and managed--by our hormones.

Dr. Gray provides small steps for super-stimulating the hormones necessary to nourish a vibrant life. He explores how communication, romance, ""a superfood diet, super exercise, and super sleep,"" can be incorporated into any lifestyle, and result in a whole new way of life. For example, Dr. Gray reveals:

  • The unique ways in which men and women deal with stress
  • How stress hormones can damage our health and complicate our relationships
  • The importance of ""superfoods"" and good nutrition in replenishing hormones
  • Why menopause--and "man-o-pause" don"t have to be relationship stressors
  • How balancing blood sugar is intricately connected to balancing our hormones
  • How achieving hormonal balance will not only improve relationships but provide strength and energy to cope with the challenges of modern life

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