Trevor Sorbie: The Bridal Hair Book

Trevor Sorbie: The Bridal Hair Book
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With his legendary flair and innovation, Trevor Sorbie launches bridal hairdressing into the twenty-first century with dozens of stunning new looks for the modern bride. As one of the world"s most respected hairdressers, Trevor Sorbie is renowned for elevating hairdressing into an art form and with The Bridal Hair Book he breathes fresh life into bridal hair styling. Taking classic looks and giving them a modern twist, he opens up new horizons for all hairdressers and provides them with the inspiration to join him at the cutting edge of professional hairdressing. From classic to romantic, glamorous to "boho chic", each spectacular new look is explained step-by-step, using hundreds of full-colour photographs taken by celebrated fashion photographer Barry Cook. Visionary new styles can be found for every hair type and ceremony while advice on basic techniques and marketing will let you in on the secrets of Trevor Sorbie"s professional success. The Bridal Hair Book is the first truly modern, complete and inspirational guide to bridal hairdressing.

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7,50 € Σαν καινούριο
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