The Skripal Files

The Skripal Files
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"A scrupulous piece of reporting, necessary, timely and very sobering". John Le Carre

Who is Sergei Skripal?

Agent. Prisoner. Target.

The Skripal Files tells the story of Sergei Skripal, the complex and mysterious victim from this year"s most explosive news story. Mark Urban interviewed Skripal in the months before the poisoning and explains how Skripal"s life has come to define the new spy war between Russia and the West.

4 March 2018, Salisbury, England.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were enjoying a rare and peaceful Sunday spent together, completely unaware that they had been poisoned with the deadly nerve agent Novichok. Hours later both were found slumped on a park bench close to death.

Following their attempted murders on British soil, Russia was publicly accused by the West of carrying out the attack, marking a new low for international relations between the two since the end of the Cold War.

The Skripal Files is the definitive account of how Skripal"s story fits into the wider context of the new spy war between Russia and the West. The book explores the time Skripal spent as a spy in the Russian military intelligence, how he was turned to work as an agent by MI6, his imprisonment in Russia and his eventual release as part of a spy-swap that would bring him to Salisbury where, on that fateful day, he and his daughter found themselves fighting for their lives.

"With regard to traitors, they will kick the bucket on their own, I assure you . . . Whatever thirty pieces of silver those people may have gotten, they will stick in their throat."

Vladimir Putin, 2010

Introduction - Introduction: Introduction

Section - Prologue: An Unlawful Use of Force

Section - Part One: Agent

Chapter - 1: The Pitch

Chapter - 2: Sergei"s Journey

Chapter - 3: Into the Darkness

Chapter - 4: Master Race No Longer

Chapter - 5: Breakthrough in Madrid

Chapter - 6: Inside the Glass House

Chapter - 7: The View From Vauxhall

Chapter - 8: Back Into the Light

Section - Part Two: Prisoner

Chapter - 9: Inside Lefortovo

Chapter - 10: Litvinenko

Chapter - 11: IK 5

Chapter - 12: Hitmen

Chapter - 13: The Fateful Letter

Chapter - 14: Operation Ghost Stories

Chapter - 15: Deliverance

Chapter - 16: Christie Miller Road

Section - Part Three: Target

Chapter - 17: Sunday 4 March

Chapter - 18: The Fight For Survival

Chapter - 19: "Highly Likely" Russia

Chapter - 20: The Investigation Falters

Chapter - 21: The Information War

Chapter - 22: The Long Road to Recovery

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