The Photographer's DSLR Pocketbook

The Photographer's DSLR Pocketbook
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Even standard digital SLR cameras have manuals running to hundreds of pages; usually, they concentrate on the technical features of the camera, but neglect the crucial fact that great photographers do not just simply know how to navigate menus: they understand how the operation of their camera will help them to take better pictures. "The Photographers DSLR Pocketbook", small enough to be taken on the most arduous shoot, gives the reader the benefit of Michael Freemans decades of professional photography and years of experience with digital technology. Opening with the anatomy of a digital SLR, the book then covers settings, exposure, capture and image workflow, clarifying the operations of your camera and allowing you to operate it with speed, confidence and accuracy. Michaels own photography and diagrams illuminate his points perfectly, making this an attractive and informative read.

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4,95 € Σαν καινούριο
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