The Encyclopaedia of Classic 80s Pop

The Encyclopaedia of Classic 80s Pop
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Do you still remember what you were doing the first time you heard "I Should Be So Lucky"? Do you pine for the days when Bananarama ruled the airwaves and Duran Duran were the epitome of style and glamour? Do you recall who your favorite member of Five Star was? Perhaps you"ve found yourself lying awake at night, tortured by an inability to remember what a "Dutchie" is, and exactly why it should be passed on the left-hand side? Perhaps you have an inexplicable desire to know which eighties star made a triumphant comeback after being declared clinically dead... Whatever your reason - here is a book for anyone who fondly remembers a fantastic decade in pop history. An indispensable volume for winning bar quizzes or settling ugly disputes between people who should be old enough to know better. Hilariously funny and packed with bizarre information, it is an essential buy for any child of the eighties.

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