The Best Sex You'll Ever Have!

The Best Sex You'll Ever Have!
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Welcome to the Pleasure Zone. The Best Sex You"ll Ever Have! is your passport to a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. This candid, yet inspirational approach to lovemaking, designed to encourage good communication between partners, will push you both to new peaks of joy as you learn all about your bodies and how to truly satisfy each other. Live out your every fantasy and desire with 101 of the most successful positions, and be prepared to discover some exciting new sensations through previously uncharted erogenous zones. The sexual adventure begins with a look at the differences and similarities between men and women in terms of physiology, arousal and climax. The more you know about your own repertoire of responses, and that of your partner, the greater your sexual confidence will be. Sex is a great way to get fit, but to really enjoy sex to the full it helps to prepare with a little toning up. A range of sexercises will encourage you to strengthen and limber up your "love muscles". The Best Sex You"ll Ever Have! describes how to create a sensual atmosphere and will help you both to overcome any inhibitions you may have about making love together for the first time, or spicing things up, so that you start to become more a relaxed and more receptive to new ideas.

The 101 sexual positions, all clearly described and photographed in full colour, will add excitement and even an extra dimension to your love. Some may appear more thrilling to you because they seem a little risque, while others afford increased sensation for one or both of you. Take your time and experiment with foreplay, following on with some of the most popular positions, including the traditional Missionary, Top-to-Toe Tillation, Rear Entry and Spoons. Move on to more adventurous and athletic encounters, and spiritual Tantric and Kama Sutra techniques. Add even more zest to your love life through fantasy, role play, sex games and toys, including feathers, bath-time fun, domination/bondage or feed your partner into a frenzy. Even the best of relationships may experience some problems along the way and the book concludes with positive advice on how to handle safer sex, sex during pregnancy, coping with stress and the whole spectrum of sexual problems. Whether you are in an established relationship or have been together for just a short time, The Best Sex You"ll Ever Have! will take your lovemaking to new heights of expression.

Introduction; Setting the Scene; Please, Please Me; Fabulous Foreplay; Up Close & Personal; Let Me Be Your Fantasy; One Step Beyond; Bibliography/Acknowledgements; Index

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