Prototype Building Structures: Analysis and Design

Prototype Building Structures: Analysis and Design
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This definitive reference volume provides a comprehensive guide to the analysis and design of building structures worldwide. The in-depth consideration given to the major analytical, numerical and design issues associated with prototype structures will reduce the effort and expense involved in future construction. The book contains numerous analytical and design examples drawn from existing structures worldwide as well as an extensive bibliography and a large appendix which covers background analyses and computer subroutines. Prototype building structures will provide invaluable guidance for practising engineers, researchers, designers, technologists, mathematicians, and specialists in computer aided techniques of construction.Prototype building structures considers the following topics such as: types of building structures, their systems and specifications - clearly organised, coverage of this vast subject includes a consideration of the selection process as well as examples of salient features; wind effects on buildings - the author considers a variety of construction methods for dealing with wind effects, drawing on British, American and European design codes; the impact of earthquakes on buildings - beginning with a look at the effects of earthquakes, this section also considers international building codes, including explanatory notes and examples; and the effects of explosions on buildings - the author considers the analysis, design and planning techniques necessary to ensure the protection of existing and future buildings. He provides a large range of analytical methods in relation to load-time criteria, dynamic material properties and damage assessment vis-a-vis the scenario of prototype structures and their components. The prototype building structures also considers topics such as: the stability problems of buildings - starting from the most basic problems and leading up to more complicated cases, this section includes numerous examples of ways to ensure the stability of building frames; and, the effect of fire on buildings - this section includes a review of international standards and codes and covers cases involving steel, concrete, composite and timber.

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