Photoshop CS3 All-in-one Desk Reference For Dummies

Photoshop CS3 All-in-one Desk Reference For Dummies
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Get your picture-perfect guide to using all the cool features of Photoshop CS3. Whether you"re new to Photoshop, want to take your skills up a notch, or want to quickly master the new features and enhancements in Photoshop CS3, you"ve come to the right place. Nine easy-to-follow minibooks cover Photoshop fundamentals plus the newest tools and techniques. "Putting It Together" exercises give you hands-on experience. This is your one-stop guide to Photoshop. You"ll learn to: * Specify size and resolution.* Correct contrast, color, and clarity.* Create top-notch selections.* Composite images with layers and blending modes.* Make adjustments with levels and curves.* Prep graphics for print or the Web. Order your copy of this 9 books in 1 - with hundreds of examples in full color -- today!

Introduction. Book I: Photoshop Fundamentals. Chapter 1. Examining the Photoshop Environment. Chapter 2. Getting to Know the Tools Palette. Chapter 3. Starting, Finishing, and Getting It on Paper. Chapter 4. Viewing and Navigating Images. Chapter 5. Customizing Your Workspace and Preferences. Book II: Image Essentials. Chapter 1. Specifying Size and Resolution. Chapter 2. Choosing Color Modes and File Formats. Chapter 3. Using and Managing Color. Chapter 4. Time Travel-Undoing in Photoshop. Chapter 5. Creating Actions for Productivity and Fun. Book III: Selections. Chapter 1. Making Selection. Chapter 2. Creating and Working with Paths. Chapter 3. Modifying and Transforming Selections and Paths. Book IV: Painting, Drawing, and Typing. Chapter 1. Painting and Drawing with Photoshop. Chapter 2. Filling and Stroking. Chapter 3. Creating and Editing Type. Book V: Working with Layers. Chapter 1. Creating Layers. Chapter 2. Managing Layers. Chapter 3. Playing with Opacity and Blend Modes. Chapter 4. Getting Jazzy with Layer Styles and Clipping Groups. Chapter 5. Working with Smart Objects. Book VI: Channels and Masks. Chapter 1. Using Channels. Chapter 2. Quick and Dirty Masking. Chapter 3. Getting Exact with Advanced Masking Techniques. Book VII: Filters and Distortions. Chapter 1. Making Corrections with Daily Filters. Chapter 2. Applying Filters for Special Occasions. Chapter 3. Distorting with the Liquify Command. Book VIII: Retouching and Restoration. Chapter 1. Enhancing Images with Adjustments. Chapter 2. Repairing with the Focus and Toning Tools. Chapter 3. Fixing Flaws and Removing What"s Not Wanted. Book IX: Photoshop and Print. Chapter 1. Prepping Graphics for Print. Chapter 2. Creating Contact Sheets, Picture Packages, and More. Bonus Chapters. Bonus Chapter 1. Prepping Web Graphics. Bonus Chapter 2. Slicing and Displaying Web Images. Bonus Chapter 3. Other Sources of Information. Index.

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