Oscar Wilde's Short Stories

Oscar Wilde's Short Stories
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Wilde wrote these delightful fairy tales for his two young sons. They were all published in the collection The Happy Prince and Other Stories in 1888. The "Young King" tells how a shepherd boy becomes a king, "The Star-Child" tells the story of a baby found in the forest and how he believes himself to be a magic Star-Child and in "The Nightingale and the Rose" a little nightingale sacrifices her life to create the perfect red rose fora young student in love. This reader uses the EXPANSIVE READING approach, where the text becomes a springboard to improve language skills and to explore historical background, cultural connections and other topics suggested by the text. As well as the story and a playscript, this reader contains : Wide range of activities practising the four skills ; PET-style activities and Trinity-style activities (Grade 5) ; Dossiers : Life in Victorian Times and others ; Full recording of the text with additional listening activities.

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