Natural Rhythms

Natural Rhythms
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Rob Plattel is a freelance arranger, gives demonstrations, workshops and master classes all over the world and is judge at the Dutch Masters of Floral Design. After obtaining his title of Master in floral art and winning the first price in the Dutch Open Championship Floral Art (1999), he applied himself - besides his work as a florist - to (nature) works and other applications with natural material. He wants to add an extra dimension to the floristic trade, which will make the art world appreciate the work as well. In Natural Rhythms we become acquainted with the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of the seasons. Rob Plattel works with flowers, branches, seeds, leaves, weathered driftwood - natural materials that have a pronounced form and character. He is fascinated by their beauty and wants to share his admiration with others, make it tangible for the spectator. But just showing it does not cut it. Plattel wants to add something, do something with the materials. By drilling them, stacking, threading

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