Mark Kistler's Drawing in 3-D Wack Workbook

Mark Kistler's Drawing in 3-D Wack Workbook
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Practicing and perfecting Mark Kistler"s wacky drawings will be even more fun with this fully customized, turbo-charged 3-D sketchbook!

If you"ve read Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler, you"ve learned how to sketch a colossal collection of 3-D pictures. Now, with this large, easy-to-use workbook, you"ve got all the space you need to practice. Just pick a project in the "Dynamic Drawing Directory" and get down to some creatively cool 3-D artwork. Mark Kistler"s Drawing in 3-D Wacky Workbook is better than any old blank sketchpad because you can actually see the final drawing you"re trying to master. And if you need help on a step or two, each perforated page is cross-referenced to the relevant lesson in Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler. In no time at all, you"ll be working on amazing androids, bug-eyed birds, and many other imaginative masterpieces.

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