Manet by Himself

Manet by Himself
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Widely recognised as the most influential artist of his generation and the leader of the group that became known as the Impressionists, this elegant Parisian from a conventional background, nonetheless expressed startlingly liberal views in such masterpieces as DEJEUNER SUR L"HERBE and OLYMPIA. Despite the furore over these paintings, Manet continued to challenge the Salon with his warmly human models, fascinating compositions and inimitable use of colour. He continually insisted that his art had to be seen "whole".

In this unique volume, the artist"s previously unpublished letters and verbatim records of conversations are combined with almost 240 beautiful colour reproductions of his work. From an early age, Manet revealed his powers of observation and his commitment to radical, progressive views in his letters, which convey the hopes and fears, the activities and amusements, and the successes and disappointments of this most mercurial and influential of artists.

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