Let's Make Music Fun!

Let's Make Music Fun!
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Colorful songs by acclaimed children"s songwriter Eileen Diamond designed to develop the musical skills required at each stage of elementary music education. The songs are easy to learn and fun to sing and come with simple piano accompaniments and guitar chords as well as a CD of full demos and backing tracks for teachers with limited keyboard skills. Action songs, part-songs and rounds are included and each song is enhanced by ideas and notes to help teachers and satisfy a wide range of curriculum requirements.

Titles: Bells * Brushes * Clap Hands Turn Around * Count Together * Country Sounds * Dear Father Christmas * Fly Away (Round) * Foot Movements * Good Morning Sun * Holiday Time * How Still Can You Be? * Marvelous Things * Merry Christmas * Nice and Easy * Noises in the Night * Playing in the Band * Rain (Round) * Shapes and Sizes * Shopping (Round) * Singing Around (Round) * Skin * The Elephant * The Rhythm of the Music * The Seasons (Round) * These Are My Go-to-sleep Eyes * Topsyturvy * We"re Wishing You a Merry Christmas * Who"s That Coming Down the Road?

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