Klaus Schulze: Electronic Music Legend

Klaus Schulze: Electronic Music Legend
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Klaus Schulze: Electronic Music Legend is a celebration of the magnificent, pioneering career of German electronic music legend Klaus Schulze. At the forefront of the development of music played on synthesizers, Schulze created a whole new style of music, beginning with his initial 1972 release, Irrlicht.

This book hails Schulze as the most important electronic musician ever and lays out the case for that lofty status. Klaus Schulze: Electronic Music Legend chronicles Schulze"s career in great detail and contains full length reviews by Greg Allen of close to 80 CDs.

The book also contains stories, anecdotes and inside information on Schulze"s career by his long time publisher Klaus D. Mueller (KDM).

New interviews and/or contributions are also present from an array of Klaus" collaborators and other prominent electronic musicians:

Harald Grosskopf, Arthur Brown, Michael Shrieve, Marian Gold, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Dennis Rea (Earthstar), Kitaro, Joerg Schaaf, Thomas Kagermann, Julia Messenger, Klaus D. Mueller and Klaus Schulze. Pictures from Klaus Schulze"s collection are also included.

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