Integrated Pitchfork Analysis

Integrated Pitchfork Analysis
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Integrated Pitchfork Analysis: Basic to Intermediate Level is an introductory text to the branch of Technical Analysis which uses the Andrews" pitchfork trading technique. Designed for traders with no experience of Pitchfork Analysis this book demonstrates how to analyse the markets and trade using pitchfork analysis, assisting the novice trader in achieving a consistent performance.

Written by experienced trader, Dr Mircea Dologa, founder of, the book begins by introducing and discussing the basic theory of pitchfork trading, providing a description of the technique, how to analyse the charts and how to make a decision based on that analysis. It then moves on to the more practical aspects about the low risk high-probability trade from its inception to its termination. Crucially expert guidance on money management and risk management techniques - when to get in, when to get out and where to locate the initial or trailing stops is also provided.

Ultimately Integrated Pitchfork Analysis: Basic to Intermediate Level will teach you how to trade, how to follow the markets and how to consistently make money.


  “Dr. Mircea Dologa picks up where Dr. Alan Andrews left off in his breakthrough studies of “pitchfork” pattern analysis.  In his new book, the author has taken the interpretation and application of “pitchfork” patterns to an entirely new level.  After studying Dr. Dologa’s well written and very well illustrated book I will never look at a chart the same way again. What Dr. Dologa has done with “pitchforks” is absolutely amazing. You’ve got to read it to believe it. Pitchforks patterns can provide so much practical and useful information that you will be referring to this book over and over.  The book ends on a high note with an excellent chapter on Case Studies and Money Management.  Traders will want to keep this powerful book handy for frequent reference.  Highly recommended.”

Chuck LeBeau, Director of Quantitative Analysis for and co-author of Computer Analysis of the Futures Market, noted trader, lecturer and trading systems developer.


“Dr. Mircea Dologa’s book, Integrated Pitchfork Analysis, combines the breadth of evolving theory with the depth of experience acquired from years of practical application, leaving almost no stone unturned in an exploration of the Pitchfork and its application to profitable short-term trading. Many of Dr. Dologa’s ideas are truly innovative, reflecting his understanding of human nature. It would be difficult to find a more complete coverage of Pitchfork trading. It is a mine of (literally) valuable information.”

Tony Plummer, Director, Helmsman Economics Ltd.


“It has indeed been a privilege for me to have access to Dr Mircea Dologa’s amazing analysis which I consider to be an extremely important contribution to Technical Analysis.  His development of Integrated Pitchfork Analysis in synergy with existing state of-the-art trading tools resulting in an easy to use professional edge technique, has not been previously utilized. This undoubtedly increases the improvement of trading accuracy, leading to enhanced confidence with greater profitability for both trading and investing.   This book is truly a remarkable achievement in the field of Technical Analysis and Dr. Dologa, like myself, is motivated to educate traders and investors on the wonderful world of Technical Analysis and how it can help them in these volatile markets. I believe Dr. Dologa will join the true Market Masters of the 21st Century.”

Dawn Bolton-Smith, Founder-Member of the Australian Technical Analysis Association, Senior Technical Analyst, Educator & Writer.


"Dr.Mircea Dologa has masterfully defined and delineated the Median Line procedure that is central to Pitchfork Analysis and trading. His basic and intermediate theory and practice is a definitive work in this important realm of technical market analysis."

Professor Oliver Henry Pruden, Professor of Business Administration and Executive Director of the Institute for technical Market Analysis, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA.

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  • Συγγραφέας: Mircea Dologa
  • Εκδόσεις: Wiley
  • Έτος: 2009
  • ISBN-13: 9780470694343
  • ISBN-10: 0470694343
  • Κατηγορίες: Επενδύσεις
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