How to Solve Almost Any Problem

How to Solve Almost Any Problem
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Problems block and slow down your progress; here"s how to overcome them-simply, efficiently and effectively.

This book offers straightforward, empowering science-based solutions to problems, big and small, at work or in life. It takes a never before seen approach to problem solving, powerfully combining lessons from cognitive science, established problem-solving theory and vast practical experience. It includes a radical new approach to analysing problems: The Problem Matrix. This will transform your approach to problems, challenge your thinking and help you develop new, positive, solution-focussed mindsets for the long-term.

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1 Being stuck: what it means to have a problem

2 Welcome to your brain: nature"s problem-solver and how it works (sort of)

3 What"s your style?: your problem-solving profile and what it means

4 Am I bothered? Blame, resistance and the call to ownership

5 Puzzle, headache, plan, dream: four types of problem

6 Closing the gap: solving puzzles

7 Treating headaches: what to do when problems become wicked

8 Design thinking: planning the way forward

9 Dreaming the future: creative problem-solving

10 Making it happen: deciding wisely

11 Towards collaboration: solving problems with other people



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