English for Political Scientists

English for Political Scientists
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English for Political Scientists: Political Interaction is the second in a series of four books intended for students of political science. As in Books 1 & 3, each unit includes two texts, each teaching different skills. The first text in informative, teaches essential terminology, and encourages students to focus on the main points; the second text is argumentative, presents a practical application of the ideas taught in the first text, and trains students to detect fine nuances of meaning - an essential skill in political science. Book 2 helps students become more sensitive to semantic differences between words they may already know. It also deals with aspects of English Grammar that are recurrent trouble in academic writing but ignored by standard EFL books.

Other books in the series include: English for Political Scientists: Political Theories, English for Political Scientists: World Politics, and English for Political Scientists: Texts and Subtexts.

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