English for Political Scientists

English for Political Scientists
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English for Political Scientists: World Politics is the third in a series of four books intended for students of political science. As in Books 1&2, each unit includes two texts, each teaching different reading skills. The first text is informative, teaches essential terminology and encourages students to focus on the main points; the second text is argumentative, presents a practical application of the ideas taught in the first text and trains students to detect fine nuances of meaning - an essential skill in political science. Book 3 takes students a step further by introducing them to basic research skills. Students are taught such skills as finding their own topics for essays; using the ideas in sources they read in order to support an original point of view; acknowledging the material they have used in compliance with the bibliographical conventions of political science. The Appendix includes most cases that students are likely to encounter when preparing parenthetical notes or lists of references for their essays, allowing the instructor to focus on more creative aspects of research and writing.

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