Emotions Revealed, Second Edition

Emotions Revealed, Second Edition
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"A tour de force. If you read this book, you"ll never look at other people in quite the same way again."—Malcolm Gladwell

Renowned psychologist Paul Ekman explains the roots of our emotions—anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and happiness—and shows how they cascade across our faces, providing clear signals to those who can identify the clues. As featured in Malcolm Gladwell"s bestseller Blink, Ekman"s Facial Action Coding System offers intense training in recognizing feelings in spouses, children, colleagues, even strangers on the street.

In Emotions Revealed, Ekman distills decades of research into a practical, mind-opening, and life-changing guide to reading the emotions of those around us. He answers such questions as: How does our body signal to others whether we are slightly sad or anguished, peeved or enraged? Can we learn to distinguish between a polite smile and the genuine thing? Can we ever truly control our emotions? Packed with unique exercises and photographs, and a new chapter on emotions and lying that encompasses security and terrorism as well as gut decisions, Emotions Revealed is an indispensable resource for navigating our emotional world.

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  • Συγγραφέας: Paul Ekman
  • Εκδόσεις: Henry Holt and Company
  • Έτος: 2007
  • ISBN-13: 9780805083392
  • ISBN-10: 0805083391
  • Κατηγορίες: Ψυχολογία
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