Collins Discovery English Dictionary

Collins Discovery English Dictionary
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Now in Colour, "Collins Discovery English Dictionary" is the perfect reference for everyday use. With internet links and a World in Action Supplement for research and study, this is the ideal dictionary to take the users" knowledge further. Specially tailored to meet the needs of the user in home, school, and the office, the new Colour "Collins Discovery English Dictionary" has fully comprehensive definitions, word tips to provide extra help with English usage, and weblinked entries to take your knowledge further than a traditional dictionary. Have confidence: find all the words and definitions you need. "Collins Discovery Dictionary" has a comprehensive coverage of the language we use every day. Get it right: the newest words, including many from the Collins Word Exchange website. Get there fast: now in COLOUR for the first time, the clear, accessible, brand-new layout ensures users can find the language they need when they need it. Find out more: World in Action supplement and internet links take the users" knowledge further. Where does it fit in the range?

The other titles are: "Collins Desktop Dictionary" - 0-00-716334-7; "Collins Essential Dictionary" - 0-00-715498-4; "Collins Solutions Dictionary" - 0-00719637-7; "Collins Discovery Dictionary" - 0-00-722384-6; "Collins Express Dictionary" - 0-00-719584-0.

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