Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems
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This textbook provides structured and comprehensive coverage of business applications of information technology, information systems building, and management of information systems. It assumes no prior knowledge of IS or IT and is suitable for undergraduate and diploma courses in the subject. It provides full pedagogic support for the student and lecturer. Part 1 explains why information systems are vital to business today. The terms and components that define information systems are introduced so that business users can communicate with the technicians building and maintaining their systems. Part 2 defines the stages involved in producing information systems to deliver business benefits. This includes systems analysis and design techniques and methods of project management. Part 3 explores the issues businesses face when managing information systems. This includes an introduction to strategy and development, legal and moral issues together with practical guidelines on managing information, networks, intranets and Internet access. *Comprehensive coverage of business information technology, systems analysis and design, systems project management, and management of information system

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