Architecture Now! 4 v. 4

Architecture Now! 4 v. 4
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This book is useful for architects at the cutting edge. "Architecture Now Volume 3" was the winner of the prestigious Saint-Etienne Prize for the Best Architecture and Design Book of 2004. Volume 4 proves that the best keeps getting better, with new names from all over the world and the most exciting and unique buildings and designs. As always, easy-to-navigate illustrated A-Z entries include current and recent projects, biographies, contact information, and website addresses. Here are just a few of the projects that are featured in the new book: a shelter for the needy made out of sandbags; "Nomadic Museum" made by Shigeru Ban out of shipping containers; a tree house in Germany; extraordinary museums that will never be built in Lausanne and Guadalajara; new museums that have been built by Gehry, Mansilla and Tunon, or Richard Meier; BMW Central Building in Leipzig by Zaha Hadid; Allianz Arena by Herzog & de Meuron; Wedding Chapel in Japan; design hotels in Berlin and Sao Paulo or Cerro Paranal, Chile; library in Seattle by Rem Koolhaas/OMA; houses in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Corsica, Hiroshima, or Great Mackerel Beach, Australia; and Spoon des Neiges by Patrick Jouin.

It also features: a tower that will grow like a tree in New York; with-it architects like David Adjaye, Caramel, Graftlab, Jakob+MacFarlane, Asymptote or Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis; artists who take on architectural space like Frank Stella or Bill Viola, or architects who are interested in art like Peter Eisenman; the E-House, architecture that is greener than green; and from the Minimal (David Chipperfield and John Pawson) to the decidedly exotic (Longitude 131, Uluru-Kata National Park, Northern Territory, Australia).

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