Anything You Do Say

Anything You Do Say
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**Preorder the new edge-of-your-seat psychological suspense new novel from Gillian McAllister now**Gone Girl meets Sliding Doors in this edge-of-your-seat thrillerJoanna is an avoider. So far she has spent her adult life hiding bank statements and changing career aspirations weekly.But then one night Joanna hears footsteps on the way home. Is she being followed? She is sure it"s him; the man from the bar who wouldn"t leave her alone. Hearing the steps speed up Joanna turns and pushes with all of her might, sending her pursuer tumbling down the steps and lying motionless on the floor. Now Joanna has to do the thing she hates most - make a decision. Fight or flight? Truth or lie? Right or wrong? "The novel is ingenious . . . a beautiful and original book" Claire Kendal bestselling author of The Book of You"An expertly crafted novel full of drama and tension. . . An impossible feat accomplished with great skill. Bravo" Imran Mahmood author of You Don"t Know Me"An addictive, exciting and devilishly clever book . . . exceptional" Holly Seddon author of Try Not To BreathePraise for Gillian McAllister"Perfection. Intriguing and compelling. An exceptional debut" Clare Mackintosh, number one bestselling author of I See You"A beautifully written domestic noir full of secrets and lies" Claire Douglas, bestselling author of Local Girl Missing"A gripping, compelling page turner that kept me up half the night" Liz Nugent, bestselling author of Lying in Wait"You won"t be able to put it down!" Hollie Overton, bestselling author of Baby Doll "An utterly unique story with a deep heartbeat and expertly crafted moral dilemmas" Holly Seddon, author of Try Not To Breath"Tense and compelling" Paula Daly, bestselling author of The Mistake I Made

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