A Dry Spell

A Dry Spell
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A town of wide open prairies and endless skies, Goodlands, North Dakota, seemed the perfect place to farm and raise a family--until four years without rain brought the town to its knees.  Now darkness has descended on Goodlands: fires are singeing the already parched land, suspicious crimes are on the rise and an ever-increasing sense of doom is enveloping the town.  Goodlands is being held in the grip of something beyond weather.  And only a stranger can set it free.

Tom Keatley has pulled rain from the sky in town after arid town.  A loner, a drifter, Tom is a rainmaker, the stuff of myth.  But to Karen Grange, an outsider like Tom, he is her only hope to save the dying town.  For Tom Keatley, inextricably drawn to Goodlands and to Karen, the storm is just beginning.  Because beneath the hard, cracked earth is a shattering secret that only he can uncover.  And in the hot, dry air, a sinister force is gathering strength, ready to wage a war for the soul of the town.  

With its unforgettable characters, tautly woven human dramas and harrowing portrait of the power of nature, A Dry Spell weaves a spell all its own--one that stays with you long after the last page is turned.

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