Sea Fire

Sea Fire
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The tempestuous saga of Lady Catherine Aldley and the pirate Jonathan Hale that began inIsland Flamenow continues inSea Fire. . .

What can a beautiful captive say to a handsome, ruthless pirate?

He was her husband, her lover, the pirate who seized her body, then stole her heart.  Lady Catherine Aldley fled England to make a home with the infamous Jonathan Hale in Carolina.  But their perfect life was shattered when Cathy was summoned to England to her ailing father, and discovered that her marriage to Jonathan was a sham.  He was a wanted man, one step from the gallows.  The only way she could save him was to wed her despised cousin, to let Jonathan think she had betrayed their love.

Anything but "no."

With a price on his head and vengeance in his soul, Jon Hale led a mutiny aboard the prison ship Cristobel and recaptured his faithless wife.  Cathy could rile his blood as no other.  The fire in her eyes infuriated and beguiled him.  Cathy said she hated him, yet melted at his touch even as Jon tried to despise what he most desired.  Then fate threatened to part them forever and Jon risked his life to rescue the woman he could not live without.  .  .  .  

Bestselling, award-winning author Karen Robards once again brings us dazzling adventure and unforgettable characters in a searing saga of passion, seduction, and dangerous love.

Karen Robards is the author of twenty-two novels.  She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, their three sons, and a sizable menagerie.

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