Practical Printmaking

Practical Printmaking
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Printmaking covers a wide range of activities and pictorial matter, but the technicalities can seem daunting to the uninitiated and even experienced artists. This invaluable introduction to printmaking methods takes you step by step through the technical details as well as providing inspirational examples of prints in all media. While many of the printmaking processes are very straightforward some, such as lithography and etching, are inherently more complex, but they can be learned in stages - as laid out in this book - so that the newcomer can gradually build confidence. Although a properly equipped professional studio would be ideal to exploit fully all printing techniques, the editor has - with the beginner in mind - ensured that there are methods you can carry out from start to finish working on your kitchen or living-room table. Illustrated throughout with step-by-step illustrations and finished work, the book covers: - Getting started: basic equipment, paper, inks, basic methods of printmaking, producing prints - Relief printing: monoprints; collage; linotype cuts; woodcuts; wood engravings; relief; photo etching (relief) - Intaglio printing: engraving; drypoint; etching; aquatint; mezzotint; photo etching (intaglio) - Lithography; drawing on the plate; proofing - Screen printing: stencils; inking and printing - Photocomposition - Alternatives to printmaking, including mixed media

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