Beating the Street

Beating the Street
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Develop a Winning Investment Strategy-with Expert Advice from "The Nation"s #1 Money Manager." Peter Lynch"s "invest in what you know" strategy has made him a household name with investors both big and small.

An important key to investing, Lynch says, is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets. There"s a company behind every stock and a reason companies-and their stocks-perform the way they do. In this book, Peter Lynch shows you how you can become an expert in a company and how you can build a profitable investment portfolio, based on your own experience and insights and on straightforward do-it-yourself research.

In Beating the Street,Lynch for the first time explains how to devise a mutual fund strategy, shows his step-by-step strategies for picking stock, and describes how the individual investor can improve his or her investment performance to rival that of the experts.

There"s no reason the individual investor can"t match wits with the experts, and this book will show you how.



Preface to the Trade Paperback Edition

Introduction: Escape from Bondage

One: The Miracle of St. Agnes

Two: The Weekend Worrier

Three: A Tour of the Fund House

Four: Managing Magellan: The Early Years

Five: Magellan: The Middle Years

Six: Magellan: The Later Years

Seven: Art, Science, and Legwork

Eight: Shopping for Stocks: The Retail Sector

Nine: Prospecting in Bad News: How the "Collapse" in Real Estate Led Me to Pier 1, Sunbelt Nursery, and General Host

Ten: My Close Shave at Supercuts

Eleven: Blossoms in the Desert: Great Companies in Lousy Industries

Twelve: It"s a Wonderful Buy

Thirteen: A Closer Look at the S&Ls

Fourteen: Master Limited Partnerships: A Deal with a Yield

Fifteen: The Cyclicals: What Goes Around Comes Around

Sixteen: Nukes in Distress: CMS Energy

Seventeen: Uncle Sam"a Garage Sale: Allied Capital II

Eighteen: My Fannie Mae Diary

Nineteen: Treasure in the Backyard: The Colonial Group of Mutual Funds

Twenty: The Restaurant Stocks: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Twenty-One: The Six-Month Checkup

25 Golden Rules



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