Barron's TOEIC Test with Audio CDs

Barron's TOEIC Test with Audio CDs
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This edition of the TOEIC manual has been thoroughly revised and updated to prepare students for the newly structured Test of English for International Communication, which was introduced in 2006. Presented here are four full-length practice tests that are similar in format and question types to the new TOEIC. The author also provides students with an extensive review of reading comprehension skills. A passing grade on the TOEIC test is required by many businesses and institutions when they are selecting among job candidates whose first language is not English. This heavily illustrated manual comes with three compact discs that offer comprehensive instruction in English language listening comprehension. The CDs and manual can also be purchased separately.

Amazon reviewers noted that the first printing (2007) of this new edition had a few errors in the text and answer keys. These errors were corrected in subsequent printings. There are no errors in the Barron"s TOEIC manual sold on The Barron"s TOEIC manual provides a clear and precise path to scoring high on the TOEIC.

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