Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up

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The funniest WTF AM I DOING?! novel of the year

"The new Bridget Jones for our Covid-ridden times" - Celia Walden, Telegraph

"Say hello to a book that will have you laughing with every page, whether you"re 20, 40 or 80" - Heat

"Brilliant! Laughing out loud" - Emma Gannon

"Funny but layered, light-hearted but surprisingly deep, this is a perfect and inspiring new year read" - Red

A novel for any woman who wonders how the hell she got here, and why life isn"t quite how she imagined it was going to be. And who is desperately trying to figure it all out when everyone around them is making gluten-free brownies.

Meet Nell.

Her life is a mess.

In a world of perfect Instagram lives, she feels like a f**k up. But when she starts a secret podcast and forms an unlikely friendship with Cricket, an eighty-something widow, things begin to change. Because Nell is determined. This time next year things will be very different. But first, she has a confession . . .

Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up by Alexandra Potter will make you laugh, and it might even make you cry. Above all, it will remind you that you"re not on your own - we"re all in this together.

Συγγραφέας: Alexandra Potter
Εκδόσεις: Pan Macmillan
Έτος: 2020
ISBN-13: 9781529022810
ISBN-10: 1529022819
6,00 €
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