English for Business Communication

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English for Business Communication is designed for people, who already deal (job experienced learners), or who will be dealing (pre-experienced learners) with English speaking partners, colleagues, customers or prospective clients. It is intended for people who can already express themselves fairly well in everyday English - a standard roughly equivalent to the upper intermediate level - but have difficulties when faced with applying that knowledge in typical, everyday business situations.

The book aims to develop the language competence and fluency of learners of Business English by looking at the most common business situations where effective communication is essential - such as participation in business meetings and discussions, going through and managing a job interview, introducing themselves and the company they work for, negotiating, giving a business presentation, telephone communications, socializing (entertaining foreign visitors) and describing trends and figures (reading graphs and interpreting information) - and giving them the opportunity to practice the language or real life business cases which the learner is likely to encounter professionally. The learner is provided with sample conversations, vocabulary in context, and hundreds of sample phrases, followed by controlled realistic activities for oral and written practice.

The book also contains the most commonly used business idioms in certain situations, along with a definition and sample sentences illustrating their use.

English for Business Communication can be used both in class as the basis for a course and as guided self study. (From the publisher)

Συγγραφέας: Diamantis Gabriel V.
Εκδόσεις: Φαίδιμος
Έτος: 2013
ISBN-13: 9786188069183
ISBN-10: 6188069181
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