Life of Pi

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Since it won the 2002 Booker Prize, this title tells a tale of disaster at sea. It is both a boys" own adventure (for grown-ups) and a meditation on faith and the value of religious metaphor, it is one of the most extraordinary and original novels of recent times. In a new format, More ... with a step-back cover, and with a new reading group guide, this is the ultimate edition of the book that is a perennial reading group favourite, and was recently featured in the Waterstone"s list of the top 20 books of all time in the Daily Telegraph.

Τίτλος: Life of Pi
Συγγραφέας: Yann Martel
Εκδόσεις: Canongate
Έτος: 2003
ISBN-13: 9781841954257
ISBN-10: 184195425X
5,10 €
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