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Το εξώφυλλο είναι άθικτο, χωρίς γρατζουνιές ή τσακίσματα. Οι σελίδες είναι άθικτες και δεν έχουν σημάδια από σημειώσεις.
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Featuring color diagrams, reconstructions, and cutaways, this beautifully illustrated series from internationally acclaimed designer and creator, David Salariya, presents a survey of historical topics from their beginnings to the present. Each book traces the development of a theme over time while examining the historic conditions and the needs, skills, and technology of the people living at each stage of the process. In addition to an illustrated timeline, each book includes a glossary and an index.

Τίτλος: Inventions
Συγγραφέας: Peter Turvey
Εκδόσεις: Franklin Watts
Έτος: 1992
ISBN-13: 9780749606633
ISBN-10: 0749606630
2,00 €
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