Mathematics Standard Level for the IB Diploma

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Mathematics Standard Level for the IB Diploma is a single volume that matches the most recent Mathematics Standard Level course of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The book has been adapted in consultation with senior examiners to ensure complete and authoritative coverage of the syllabus.

1. Algebra; 2. Circular functions and trigonometry; 3. Functions and equations; 4. Differentiation 1; 5. Integration; 6. Sequences and series; 7. Differentiation 2; 8. Further trigonometry; 9. Calculus with trigonometry; 10. Exponents and logarithms; 11. Calculus with exponents and logarithms; 12. Matrices; 13. Vectors; 14. Probability; 15. Statistics; Practice papers; Answers; Mathematical notation; Glossary of terms; Standard normal table; Index

Εκδόσεις: Oxford University Press
Έτος: 2004
ISBN-13: 9780199149797
ISBN-10: 0199149798
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