World Wonders 2 with Audio CD

World Wonders 2 with Audio CD
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World Wonders is an exciting four-level series for 9-11 year olds that capitalises on National Geographic photography and facts via reading texts and DVD clips. It also features an exciting adventure cartoon story for Levels 1 & 2. The course is structured around the Student's Books that contain twelve eight-page core units plus six review units. The series has been specially written to capture the attention of young learners in beginner to pre-intermediate classes.


Unit 1: Relationships

Unit 2: Homes

Review 1

Unit 3: Free Time

Unit 4: Food and Drink

Review 2

Unit 5: Education

Unit 6: The Body

Review 3

Unit 7: Nature

Unit 8: The Environment

Review 4

Unit 9: In Town

Unit 10: New Technology

Review 5

Unit 11: Transport

Unit 12: Jobs

Review 6

National Geographic DVD Worksheets


Irregular verbs

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