World Wonders 1 with Audio CD

World Wonders 1 with Audio CD
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Bring the world of English language learning to life through breathtaking images and fascinating facts which interest and stimulate students. Teach them about the world they live in, its people, its customs and its wonders.

World Wonders is an exciting four-level course that incorporates stunning National geographic photography and non-fiction reading texts inspired by national geographic content.

National Geographic material is also included on the DVD that is available for each level. The course has been specially written to capture the attention of young learners in beginner to pre-intermediate classes.



Unit 1: Family and Friends

Unit 2: My Favourite Things

Review 1

Unit 3: School Life

Unit 4: Hobbies

Review 2

Unit 5: Celebrate!

Unit 6: Food

Review 3

Unit 7: Sport

Unit 8: People and Places

Review 4

Unit 9: Holidays & Travel

Unit 10: Fame!

Review 5

Unit 11: Animals

Unit 12: Weather and Nature

Review 6

National Geographic DVD Worksheets


Irregular verbs

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