Wedding Days

Wedding Days
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A taste of your dream wedding... is what I plan to offer you in the pages of this book. All fairy tales and stories, books and romantic movies end with the hero kneeling down, asking his heroine to marry him while offering her his eternal love vows accompanied by the little velvet box holding the precious diamond-studded proof of his love. Happy endings are just the beginning in real life. Once the proposal you have always dreamed of has become reality, you land from cloud nine into the real world, and your brain is being stormed by millions of questions, when and where, who and how, the wedding dress, the reception, the guests, the parents, the church, the bridesmaids, the invitations. Relax and get organised. With the right planning, organising your wedding will be as exciting as the wedding day itself. In the following pages you will discover all the small secrets and essential hints for a successful wedding, and all the useful information you need to know before you step up to the altar. The process of organising a wedding is an interminable chain of pleasant chores, shopping, invitations and festivities. Live it to the full, it is unique and unforgettable. Don"t avoid tradition, all it can bring is benefits and gifts, and will offer much joy to your parents and relatives. Invite your parents-in-law to your house, plan an engagement as glamorous as the wedding you are envisaging, treat your girlfriends to a wedding shower with home-made "low calorie" desserts, invite your close friends to the last wedding gown rehearsal and grab every chance to have a ball. These recipes will guide you step-by-step through the correct and easy organisation of the small celebrations leading to your wedding day. The message of this new book is to celebrate your love and... Get Married! Includes 400 recipes.

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