Victoria Elegant Napkin Folding

Victoria Elegant Napkin Folding
Μη διαθέσιμο προς πώληση

When the finest china and polished silverware sparkle on a beautiful tablecloth, when a lovely floral centerpiece adds an extra note of grace, when shimmering candles create romance, no ordinary napkin will do. So transform those simple linen squares into something dazzling by following precisely photographed instructions and a few simple folds. A primer of the easiest possible techniques will get you started and the projects-divided into chapters focusing on elegance, charm and whimsy-range from the pretty Water Lily to the sweet and appealing Maiden's Cap, from a frilly deco-style fan to the dramatic, origami-like fleur-de-lis. These chic and decorative folded napkins are what every well-dressed table should wear!

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