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Κατάσταση: Σαν καινούριο

A week ago Zoey had a group ofpecial friends, three boyfriends and a (kinda) clear conscience. Nowhe has none of the above. Luckily ice-queen Aphrodite ishowingigns of melting and ex-roomietevie Rae isn't as dead ashe'd thought. Thoughtevie's now hanging out in tunnels with freaks - gross. Ifhe can get them to listen, Zoey will need all her friends as events take a frightening turn at the House of Nightchool for vampyres.hocking true intentions are about to come to light, loyalties will be tested and an ancient evil is about to rise again.ome days beingpecial just doesn'teem all that ...

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4,00 € Σαν καινούριο
Πληρωμή με Τράπεζα Πειραιώς.
Παράδοση με ΕΛΤΑ και Χέρι με χέρι.
Γαλάτσι, Αττική
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Παράδοση με ΕΛΤΑ, ΕΛΤΑ Αντικαταβολή και Χέρι με χέρι.
Άγιος Δημήτριος, Αττική
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