Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge
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This book has been specifically designed to support the student of the IB Diploma Programme in Theory of Knowledge. It will stimulate students to think about learning and knowledge from their own and from others" perspectives in a way that crosses disciplines and cultures. It will encourage reflection, discussion, critical thinking, and awareness of the ways in which knowledge is constructed, and will lead students to recognize the implications of knowledge for issues of global concern. The book is rooted in classroom experience and provides class activities and supporting material for the whole of the TOK course.

CHAPTER 1: KNOWING ; CHAPTER 2: HOW DO WE KNOW? ; 1. Sense Perception ; 2. Language ; 3. Emotion ; 4. Reasoning ; 5. Classification ; CHAPTER 3: KNOWLEDGE AND THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH ; CHAPTER 4: PERSUASION AND PROPAGANDA ; CHAPTER 5: AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE ; 1. Mathematics ; 2. The natural sciences, human sciences and history ; 3. The natural sciences ; 4. The human sciences ; 5. History ; 6. The arts ; 7. Ethics ; CHAPTER 6: KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD ; CHAPTER 7: COURSE ASSESSMENT ; 1. Knowledge issues ; 2. The TOK presentation ; 3. The TOK essay ; CHAPTER 8: REFERENCES ; TWENTY-ONE TOPICS

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