Theories of International Relations

Theories of International Relations
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Preface to the Fourth Edition p. viii List of Abbreviations p. ix 1 Introduction Scott Burchill and Andrew Linklater p. 1 Framework of analysis p. 1 Diversity of theory p. 2 Contested nature p. 5 The foundation of the discipline of International Relations p. 6 Theories and disciplines p. 9 Explanatory and constitutive theory p. 16 Inter-discplinary theory p. 18 What do theories differ about? p. 19 Evaluating theories p. 25 2 Realism Jack Donnelly p. 31 Defining realism p. 31 Hobbes and classical realism p. 33 Waltz and structured realism p. 36 Motives matter p. 42 System and structure p. 45 Morality and foreign policy p. 49 How to think about realism (and its critics) p. 54 3 Liberalism Scott Burchill p. 57 After the Cold War p. 57 The liberal view: æinside looking out" p. 59 War, democracy and free trade p. 60 Globalization and terrorism p. 73 Conclusion p. 84 4 The English School Andrew Linklater p. 86 From power to order: international society p. 91 Order and justice in international relations p. 94 The revolt against the West and the expansion of international society p. 100 Progress in international relations p. 105 Conclusion p. 109 5 Marx and Marxism Andrew Linklater p. 111 Class, production and international relations in Marx"s writings p. 113 Nationalism and imperialism p. 120 The changing fortunes of Marxism in international relations p. 124 Marxism and international relations theory today p. 133 Conclusion p. 135 6 Historical Sociology Andrew Linklater p. 136 Origins of historical sociology p. 139 Power and production in historical sociology p. 140 Power and interdependence in international relations p. 144 System and society p. 147 Morality, culture and the emotions p. 148 A higher synthesis? p. 152 On grand narratives p. 154 Conclusion p. 157 7 Critical Theory Richard Devetak p. 159 Origins of critical theory p. 160 The politics of knowledge in international relations theory p. 163 Rethinking political community p. 168 Conclusion p. 182 8 Post-structuralism Richard Devetak p. 183 Power and knowledge in international relations p. 184 Textual strategies of post-structuralism p. 190 Problematizing sovereign states p. 194 Beyond the paradigm of sovereignty: rethinking the political p. 204 Conclusion p. 211 9 Constructivism Christian Reus-Smit p. 212 Rationalist theory p. 213 The challenge of critical theory p. 217 Constructivism p. 218 Constructivism and its discontents p. 225 The contribution of constructivism p. 229 Recent developments in constructivism p. 231 Conclusion p. 235 10 Feminism Jacqui True p. 237 Empirical feminism p. 240 Analytical feminism p. 246 Normative feminism p. 253 Conclusion p. 257 11 Green Politics Matthew Paterson p. 260 Theorizing environment within international relations p. 261 Beyond IR: green politics and the challenge to world order p. 266 Bioenvironmentalism - authority, scale, and eco-centrism p. 267 Social greens - limits to growth and political economy p. 273 Greening global politics p. 277 Conclusion p. 280 12 International Political Theory Terry Nardin p. 284 Theorizing international politics p. 284 Justice in war p. 289 International justice p. 294 Global justice p. 299 The history of international thought p. 306 Bibliography p. 311 Index p. 355.

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