The Map

The Map
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The Map is a practical guidebook introducing the basics of research in translation studies for students doing their first major research project in the field. Depending on where they are studying, this may be at advanced undergraduate (BA) or at postgraduate (MA/PHD) level. The book consists of ten chapters. Chapter 1 offers an overview of 12 research areas in translation studies in order to help students identify a topic and establish some of the current research questions relating to it. Chapter 2 is designed to assist students in planning their research project and covers topics such as refining the initial idea, determining the scope of the project, checking out resources, reading critically, keeping complete bibliographic records, and working with a supervisor. Chapters 3 to 7 provide some of the conceptual and methodological tools needed in this area of research, with detailed discussion of such topics as theoretical models of translation, types of research, asking questions, making claims, formulating hypotheses, establishing relations between variables, and selecting and analyzing data. Chapters 8 and 9 are about presenting one"s research, in writing as well as orally.

Finally, chapter 10 deals with some of the criteria commonly used in research assessment, especially in the assessment of theses. The authors provide detailed guidance on further reading throughout. This is an essential reference work for research students and lecturers involved in supervising research projects and degrees.

Chapter 1: Areas in Translation Research Areas in Translation Research Chapter 2: From the Initial Idea to the Plan Chapter 3:Theoretical Models of Translation Chapter 4: Kinds of Research Chapter 5: Questions, Claims, Hypotheses Chapter 6: Relations between Variables Chapter 7: Selecting and Analyzing Data Chapter 8: Writing Your Research Report Chapter 9: Presenting Your Research Orally Chapter 10: Assessing Your Research

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