The Legal Environment of Business

The Legal Environment of Business
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As any businessperson will confirm, practicing business today provides ample opportunity to get eaten up by legal problems. Tomorrows managers will undoubtedly encounter situations calling for some practical understanding of the law. Equip your students with the knowledge that enables them to recognize and speak intelligently about legal problems, to avoid them when possible, and when unavoidable, to effectively participate in their solution. Our new text, The Legal Environment of Business, emphasizes students acquiring practical knowledge, not just memorizing concepts never to be used again. Our goal is to provide a book that students and professors will enjoy reading - a book that shows the relevancy of the law to current and future businesspeople. *In Consultation The book contains ten scenarios based on contemporary legal issues in business, featuring detailed conversations between a manager and the firms lawyer about the legal problem the business is facing. *A Memo From Your Lawyer Several times in each chapter the authors give practical advice directly to the students concerning a legal issue examined in the chapter. *Practical Exercises Each chapter concludes with a situa

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