The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes

The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes
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"The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes" is a fantastic puzzle book. A follow-up to 2009"s "The Big Book of Riddles", it looks like an ancient tome that"s been sitting on a castle shelf for hundreds of years. Illuminated lettering, tasteful illustration and contemporary style make this book a highly original product. The puzzles inside range from simple riddles to highly challenging logic puzzles that will have you scratching your head for hours!

The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes contains nearly 200 superb puzzles that are guaranteed to get your brain spinning and your mind whirring. All are set in the olden days, and Merlin the Magician, Avalon, King Arthur and other mythical people and places feature prominently. And that"s what makes this book special; it"s not just another dull puzzle book. It is a superbly crafted, unique piece of publishing that brings joy as soon as it is picked up. The fonts, the paper, the design, the page decoration, even the language used - everything has been carefully planned and executed. This book is simply amazing.

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