Textbook on Land Law

Textbook on Land Law
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Textbook on Land Law guides students through the principles of contemporary land law from a practical perspective. It focuses on the modern law, confining discussion of historical developments to the minimum, necessary to understand basic principles and concentrate on the law as it is now.

The book is consistently recommended to students for its accuracy and ease of use. It is written in a direct and informal style, explaining the law in non-technical language and warning of possible misunderstandings and confusions. Rules are illustrated by reference to real-life situations in a fictitious town, bringing the subject to life and enhancing the reader"s understanding of problem areas. Useful features include a glossary, sample documents and further reading references.

The unique and straightforward approach taken by the authors has established Textbook on Land Law as the ultimate practical land law book and makes the subject interesting and accessible.

Online Resource Centre

The accompanying Online Resource Centre includes additional detail in relation to certain areas, designed for those needing to have a greater knowledge of some older or more complex areas of land law. It also includes annotated web links and regular cases and legislation updates.

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