Reading and vocabulary skills for maritime students

Reading and vocabulary skills for maritime students
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This is a collection of authentic materials intended to expose upper-intermediate students of English with a special interest in Maritime Issues to reading texts similar to the ones they will possibly encounter in real life professional situations. The objective is to enhance their Reading and Lexical skills by equipping them with useful reading strategies and broadening their relevant vocabulary.

Each lesson starts with one or two pre-reading or first reading activities that help activate the students" background knowledge, both schematic (knowledge of the world) and linguistic/lexical.

After the first reading the students are required to read the text more closely in order to complete a variety of Reading Comprehension activities so as to promote their reading skills and acquire confidence in dealing with authentic material. The Vocabulary Activities that follow actively engage the students in deducing the meaning of unknown words from the context and using them in new contexts.

There is a Maritime Terms activity following more or less thematically linked to the reading passage. The Translation Activities" that come next cover the need of some students to relate the target language to their native one.

The book by no means aims at extensively covering every aspect of Maritime Studies and the relevant terminology. It is merely a collection of sample texts and representative terms. The main target is to give students of Maritime Studies the opportunity to work with real texts and teach them techniques of coping with difficulties that will hopefully prove useful in their future careers.

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