Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine

Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine
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The Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine is the first major work to cover the whole of this rapidly expanding field. Exceptional contributions from world renowned professionals in sports medicine provide the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work yet compiled, successfully combining sports science with an extraordinary breadth of coverage. The Oxford textbook of Sports Medicine presents a comprehensive analysis of the physiology of exercise in health and disease and relates this to the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of sports related trauma and injuries , with an emphasis on acute and chronic overuse injuries. This major reference brings together contributions from many related disciplines, stressing throughout that optimum athletic performance relies on a combination of a wide variety of factors. One unique feature of this book is the extensive coverage of the influences of environmental factors such as altitude and heat, so often neglected in other texts on sports medicine.

The Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine sets a new standard in sports medicine publishing for specialists in sports medicine, orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, team coaches, physiotherapists, PE students, and athletes themselves.

This is a highly readable, yet authoritative and definitive reference which will benefit everyone committed to the care of sports men and women.

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