Oman, UAE and Arabian Peninsula

Oman, UAE and Arabian Peninsula
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Discover Oman, UAE, and the Arabian Peninsula

Sneak (legally) into the dunes of Saudi Arabia"s Empty Quarter and experience all that"s romantic about the desert.

Look beyond Dubai to the rest of the UAE - count the camels on the sublime desert drive from Sharjah to Kalba.

Hike where fragrant rosewater is produced from the pink roses of Oman"s Jebel Akhdar.

Discover the secret to eternal life - and what make Suqutra the Galapagos Islands of the Middle East.

In This Guide:

More off-the-beaten-track UAE info than any other guide

Special Haj feature tells the ultimate traveler"s tale

Dedicated Expats chapter packed with tips on living in another culture

The only guide with independent reviews of everything you need to know about Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar

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