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Metallica has become the world"s biggest heavymetal band. Alongside such iconic artists as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Ozzy, Metallica has come to define the modern view of metal music. Now in their third decade, the band remains as big, brutal, energetic, and unashamedly loud. Reaching their commercial peak in 1991, the band"s fifth record, the self-titled Metallica (dubbed the Black Album by fans) has sold in excess of 12 million records in the United States alone and continually sells year in, year out, regardless of musical trends. Nothing Else Matters charts the recorded highlights of Metallica, both as a powerful live unit and as an influence on an entire generation of young metal bands and artists. The text includes insights on the development of James Hetfield as a songwriter, the nonmusical roles that each member plays, and the contribution of original bassist Cliff Burton who played "big brother" to the younger members. It also includes 90 photographs and anecdotes from the studio sessions; insights into the lyrics; cover art and developing musical direction, particularly from the hugely controversial Load/Reload eras.

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